Gen 3 Devices - fast timer

Hi all

I’m looking at using the Gen3 devices for driving some LED Matix Displays.

Previously I have used the Library RGBMatrixPanel, this requires the SparkIntervalTimer library, to setup a continuously changing interrupt time, in the range of 50 - 400uS

Is there a way to do this with the Gen3 Devices?

I found this thread

Which is along the right lines of being able to output a clock at upto 8MHz


@marshall, currently there is (possibly) only one hardware timer available. I am waiting to see if Particle releases another timer so I can write a version of SparkIntervalTimer for Gen3 devices. However, keep in mind that the nRF52840 was never intended to be the type of workhorse that the Photon is. The system clock runs at 64MHz vs Photon’s 120 MHz. Even with the hardware timer, I am not sure how fast it could run without affecting the DeviceOS operation. Add to that any latency due to competing interrupts.

Argh, that’s going to be painful, I’ll have to have a think about it.

As a side note - perhaps there is some insight from someone with Particle knowledge here
Particle seem to be pushing the Gen3 devices really hard, I’m very worried about the longevity of the Gen2 device for this reason.

The raising of the unit prices for the Electrons to discourage use, and then the discounting of them adds to this worry. And the hiding of them from the products page.

Is there a long term support plan for the Electron? We have actually designed our PCBs around the Electron, and are now in the process of relaying everything for the Gen3 / Feather form factor.

I see no indication about the end of Gen2 hardware, nor there are intentions from Particle: