GCC Versions and SRAM sizes, later versions doesn't compile

So I've been slowly downgrading the ARM GCC version to build the System Firmware.

I started on the latest, Then moved to 5.9.x and now moved to 4.9.x, it seems that anything more that 4,9.x either does not compile with errors like

ld.exe: region SRAM overflowed by 16 bytes

or things like

particle::CompletionHandlerList has not been declared.

I would have thought that a later version of the GCC would improve size and speed?

Anyone had this issue and resolved it?



Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @tylercpeacock are you able to assist?


@johnnyfp, @BDub said in another topic:


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Thanks, not sure why the search didn’t bring that topic up. English language can be so convoluted with different words for the same meaning.

Thanks for the help!