Gather and parse public weather data without Particle webhook

Hi all,

I’m looking to gather data from a public API such as NOAA and parse it with a Photon without using a Particle Webhook.

I am making a few devices that use the Photon to read the current outside temperature and display it for some family and friends. I was hoping to use publicly available data and display for them using a Photon.

Thanks for your help.

Since these are HTTPS requests you’ll need to manage the S part in HTTPS yourself which will probably give you some headache.

Why would you not want to use webhooks?


Hi @ScruffR,

Thank you for the reply.

I am trying to avoid webhooks because I was hoping to load the software on these devices and send them to my family and friends so all they have to do is download the Particle phone app and claim the photon.

I don’t want to use up any of my webhooks on the projects and don’t want to have to make my family and friends set up a Particle account and Webhook to get their devices up and running.

Thanks again

When you expect them to claim the device via the mobile app, you are als expecting them to setup an account anyway.

Alternatively you can create a "family and friends" account for all the devices you want to send out and have all devices claimed to that account which will also feature a single webhook for all of them.



Thanks for the info.

If I created a “family and friends” account, how would my family and friends be able to set the Photon up with their wifi credentials if I have it claimed to a single account?


You are using a Photon and your weather firmware doesn’t sound too memory heavy so I’d suggest SoftAP.

I know that the iOS app is capable of setting the WiFi creds on Argons without claiming and the Android app should follow suit (if it hasn’t already).
Not sure if the same goes for the Photon tho’ - I’d have to test :wink:

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