"Fully Charged" battery only shows 93%?

Apologies if this is in another topic (I searched, I swear!) or documented somewhere that I missed.

Using a 500mAh battery with a Boron. I see the yellow light when charging. It goes out when fully charged. However, both looking in the console and calling System.batteryCharge(); returns 93%. I tried a couple batteries, none show higher (maybe 94%, I don’t remember, but for sure not 100%). Is this normal/expected? Are these batteries I got (direct from manufacturer) not capable of a full charge? It’s not a huge deal for me, but if this is something that other people will eventually use they’re not going to like having batteries that never completely charge (in their eyes).

Firmware charges to this level, by default, for safety reasons. Here is a link:


Here is another link about the PMIC:


Most excellent, thank you! Apologies for not seeing this earlier.