Frustration in getting started

Hi bko and scruffr.

Thanx for the info, I wil get back

Hi guys,

  1. Just to inform you the status, - one of the Core still can’t be claimed

  2. Last night, the web IDE failed to be fully display in my browser… even after 2 hours of waiting. I logged in, but then that spinning thing keeps spinning endless. Now is okay

  3. Now I am in a different network from where I claimed the CORE (1 of 2)… I can’t flash new apps to the CORE despite it is well recognized as port 17 in my laptop. Is this another TRICKS that I have to know ?

  4. How do I changed the network credential… if it is true (for 3)?



Maybe it’s better that you email hello[at] to replace the core or get more offline help since most people are able to get it working quickly or sometimes with some assistance.

In fact, I did what you proposed on May 16… I expect someone to email me… but, none till now. Here is the copy:

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Hi, there!Thanks
for writing to us! Your email has been entered as a support ticket in
our system. If you are getting this email on Monday-Friday, someone is
probably already taking a look and sending out happy thoughts while they
work on an answer. If you don’t hear from us within 3 business days,
please don’t hesitate to write to us again. (Include a picture of a sad
puppy to get extra sympathy from your support agent!)If it’s a weekend or if you need extra speedy tech support, you may want to do a search or start a thread on our community at Not only are the folks there incredibly awesome and nice, but our engineers and support staff are often there as well.Much love,
The Particle Team

ping @kmmonk

Hi guys,

Just to keep you with my current status:

  1. I previously had 1 off the CORE working. I managed to change its credential to a different network from where it was claimed. Since yesterday till today I CANNOT flash a new program, as I noticed that the CORE does not even appear in the DEVICE MANAGER OF my laptop.

Now even I off and re turn ON my laptop… and plug the core (the 2 CORES infact)… nothing crops in the DEVICE MANAGER.

Anyone that can assist, please advise with some details. Thank you

The spark core only appears as a device on your Windows computer in 2 modes:

  • Serial COM port
  • DFU device

That explains why you do not see it listed under device manager.

Are you using the WEB IDE or Desktop IDE?

I am using web ide. Correct me if i am wrong…the usb is needed for program flashing, am i right? Anyone knows how to solve it?

You can flash the :spark: Particle devices OTA (over the air) too.
In fact this is the only way you can do it directly from the Web IDE.

If you want to flash it via USB, you’d have to put it into DFU mode. Then it will show up in DevMgr too.

Are you saying that all this while the flashing happen OTA? I thought it goes thru the usb as you flash via web ide… if that is the case, why the flashing failed?

Flashing using Web IDE is always via Over-The-Air method.

All you need to do is to make sure that it is powered up and breathing cyan.

Ok, wil try again. TQ

I have my CORE flashing the LED at rather slow rate… and the colour certainly NOT BLUE, NEITHER RED or YELLOW or GREEN. I believed that is what you call breathing cyan.

I have tried 3 times to flash with WEB IDE , yet failed. My previous apps loaded was in SEMI_AUTOMATIC. Now I am making its mode MANUAL… yet failed to download.

I opened up the SPARK apps in the Android… and try to connect the CORE… I failed in all 4 trials.

Please advise what to do?

When you are in one of the non-AUTOMATIC modes, you need to reestablish the cloud connection in order to flash OTA :wink:

If you’ve no cloud connection set up in your previous program, it’s no wonder you can’t get new code onto the Core with Web IDE.
You either have to do a factory reset, or you do it via USB by means of CLI.

Hi @sam_desd did you try with putty? I don’t know if it helps, but I have some issues when I got my cores and publish some procedure in spanish:

Let me know if it helps.

@brayanarias, PuTTY will not help the flashing issue, but does make WiFi connection setup straight forward.

Hi brayanarias… I am stuck here. TQ for trying

Now, the web IDE says it flashed the new apps. Yet, I do not see it runs the apps. I made the system mode manual. The program supposed to immediately run as per Spark doc. By the way, I just blink the LED at 3 sec intervals.

Just now, I put back the Core to the default Auto mode. Once it is recognized by the Spark apps in the Android, I recompile the new apps (that runs in manual mode) and managed to flash it… even though I did not see the blinking LED !

How are you planning to do this, if you can't flash OTA?
Have you read my post about factory resetting or CLI?

Now I flash via the OTA. Out of 10 x trial, I managed to get the magenta colour on the CORE and the web IDE says something successful and in the midst of updating the firmware.

However, the apps seems not running as per I said earlier… no blinking LED!