From Electron To Pi

So i just put in my order for the Electron Asset Tracker ( Woop Woop) and its really cool that you can control it over GSM but I had a idea if I could send data to my raspberry pi is it possible to have the Electron act as a middle man passing data between the pi and me ?
Because that would be AWSOME !

If anyone has any ideas or could test this out on a photo or a core to see if it will work with them and get back to me that would be great

Within certain limits, this should be possible. You won’t be able to stream high-def video to your pi via your Electron. It depends on what you’re planning on doing with it, whether or not it’s going to be possible. If you could give a more detailed explanation of your project, then we should be able to give a decent guesstimate whether it’s feasible or not. Depending on what you’re thinking of doing, you might not even need your Pi anymore :wink:

Right now I don’t have specifics but I guess maybe ssh into the pi that would be great because I can get to everything from there or maybe x11 get the desktop if possible ? it would be over 3G ( hopefully) so video might work but Data play might cost a bomb !

I only need the pi for its power and storage or else your right the electron would be great.

if only the electron also had wifi…(Make it happen Spark)

Just not sure how you would make the pi think that the electron was a network card ( i think thats what you would do) ?

Thanks Moors7.

If you need wifi on the Pi I’d get a USB WiFi adapter

Otherwise SSH would definitely work over Electron. I wouldn’t even attempt x11 without looking into the data requirements.

Also, I don’t think you’d want to go the “network card” route. Instead plug into the pi’s tty serial console and interface with that. It should be fairly simple to build a 3G to Serial pass through.

Yeah The pi already has WiFi and I’m over x11. Can you give me some more info on the Serial pass through from the Electron to the Pi. I know the electron is not out so its only a idea but any info will help me.

Thanks Macy

Hey Macy,

The Pi has a hardware serial port. By hooking this up to a microcontroller (perhaps the Electronc) you should be able to capture the output from the Pi and provide input from the microcontroller directly into the Pi’s serial console. Once you’ve got that figured out it should be trivial to expose that to, say, a Spark function to “inject” serial commands from over the internet. You’d have to use a spark variable to retreive the response but that wouldn’t be too difficult. If you want, ping me at the end of march and I’ll get something working with my core and my pi for a proof of concept. I’m unfortunately quite busy until then