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  1. Formatting your Code Examples is Easy
  2. Make Keyboard Shortcuts look Beautiful!
  3. Make Keywords stand out
  4. Fix Reply Box height with cool Bookmarklet
  5. Use the Search function

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Formatting your Code Examples is Easy

Here is a quick tip that makes your posted code look beautiful.

// The following two line is for Local Builds, 
// but works fine in the Sparkulator (web IDE)
#include "application.h"

void setup() {

void loop() {
  // Blinky code

Here’s what my post looks like edited:

All you have to do is wrap your code in


// my code
if(worldRuler == “ME”) {


and it will look like this:

// my code
if(worldRuler == "ME") {

Make sure the




are on their own lines!

Some further discussion about the language hints (e.g. cpp, java, …) can be found in this thread

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Make Keyboard Shortcuts look Beautiful!

Here is a quick tip that makes your keyboard shortcuts look beautiful. Every want to tell someone what keys to press, but you you type something like press CTRL + ALT + DEL to get to the Task Manager. Well, NO MORE! Check this out…

Just use the keyboard tags.

<kbd>Ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>Alt</kbd> + <kbd>Del</kbd>

Looks like the real thing!

Ctrl + Alt + Del


Make Keywords stand out

To make keywords like function names or commands stand out of the text without putting them in a code block, you can use this symbol ` (grave accent) before and after the respective word (in some languages you might have to press SPACE after it to make it appear).
And the * does some magic, too :wink:

The text above was typed like this

 ... make `keywords` like ***function*** *names* or **commands** stand out ...


Fix Reply Box height with cool Bookmarklet

The following link loads a twitter bootstrap html page (i.e., cool page) that’s shared from my Dropbox account (i.e., super hacky web hosting because It’s too easy to drag and drop it to my webhost through Filezilla FTP). It has a bookmarklet that you can drag up you your bookmarks bar and click while on any Discourse forum (such as this one) to change the reply box height to 200px. This is useful if you have maximized your reply box on a computer with a large monitor, and then switch to a smaller monitor computer with no way to shrink the reply box. This bookmarklet will reset your reply box height to something you can grab and resize.

Get the Fix Reply bookmarklet to instantly set your Reply box to a height of 200px.

Add this code to a Bookmark called Fix Reply:



Hey @BDub, thanks for this it is a great help.

I have struggled with the issues you address here.

Thank you very much.

Now… more tips please!! :wink:


Use the Search function

Contrary to popular belief, and prior experiences with those ‘old fashioned’ forums, Discourse provides a really well working search functionality. Please, for the sake of the community,USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION. It’s not that hard, and it provides reliable answers, for which you don’t have to scroll through the entire forum. For those who are visual learners:

The search button is the little looking glass at the top right corner, next to your profile image, and notification bubble.

To get more, and possibly more relevant, answers, please click the “show more” button, which is shown after entering a query. Shown in the picture below:

I know it’s easier to just open a new thread, ask your question, and wait for answers. But with the community growing, there will be more and more questions asked, and more time will have to be spent answering those. We’re absolutely okay with that, and you’re more than welcome to ask question. It will however clutter the forum if some questions have to be answered on 7 different topics, while they’ve been answered several times before. So I’d like to request it once more: please use the search functionalities, and don’t be afraid to read a bit before opening a new topic.

Thanks in advance!

How Photon connects to the Particle Cloud

To bypass the incredibly annoying Ctrl + F hijacking that occurs in Discourse (this forum software) for select browsers, press Ctrl + F twice.

There’s a debate thread over at


To center an uploaded (via drag and drop, copy paste or the upload icon ) wrap it into this

<div align="center">
<img src="..." >



Adding a spoiler block like this

What's it? This should not be seen immediately

<summary>What's it?</summary>
This should not be seen immediately


How to mark a thread as solved:

The OP of a thread or a moderator can click the ellipsis symbol image at the bottom of the solving post, this will reveal a image icon to click.

That way the respective post will be quoted in the opening post and the thread marked as solved.