Forum: Allow loading all comments WITHOUT unloading them

Threads with lot of comments like this one

is terrible for broswing. Comments are loading and unloading during scroll, it is impossible to Ctrl-F with browser (mine is Firefox).
Need a way to “just load all page and stop unloading parts of it!”

Not really a fix, but contrary to most other forum platforms out there, the search function in discourse works surprisingly well. You can use it to search within topics as well, which should search the whole topic.

Try pressing “end” and then rapidly scrolling up like searching for some recent comment
First it unloads older comments and loads only recent comments, when scrolling it moves scroll around because of background loading. Moving to very top or very bottom with home/end is loosing all loaded comments again
I find this extremely uncomfortable experience.
Perhaps it performs better on ideal internet, but not everyone have it

It’s seems this has been a point of discussion for quite a while on discourse. The reason posts get unloaded is because, depending on the size of the topic, this could seriously cripple your browser in terms of require RAM and whatnot, even crashing it.
If you’re looking for something on a page, you could use the built-in search functionality, which, like I mentioned, works surprisingly well.
If you’re looking for posts by a specific person, you can do that by either using search, or, better yet, click that person’s profile picture in the topic summary in the first post. That’ll hide all other people, and show you only the posts by that person.
If you read a thread, and find something you might think is useful later on (which is why you’d look for it), you might want to use the ‘bookmark’ feature to save it to your bookmarks. This way, you can easily find it when needed.

I think, unless someone designes a decent alternative at discourse, there’s little that Particle can do about this. The way it is right now, does, in a way, make sense. If you try to “load all” on a page with 10.000+ posts, you can rest assured that problems will pop up.