Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer: 4.0″×0.4″ Strip

Has anyone used a Pololu Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer: 4.0″×0.4″ Strip. If you apply a force to the strip it should give you a pressure reading and a position along the strip.

I have both the pressure and position along the strip working but the values only make any sense for the first inch. The remaining 3 inches of the strip are maxed out at a reading of 4096. I have tried different resistors but without success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

An example program is at .

The example uses an LED strip but that can be ignored reasonably easily.

:angry::angry: Found the answer, 40 seconds after posting the question.:angry::angry:

As the above diagram shows, this FSLP can be used as a full 4″ strip, or it can be cut to shorter, predesignated lengths. The small tabs along the top edge of the strip determine the active length of the sensor. The strip ships with all four tabs present, which makes the default active length the 1″ segment closest to the leads. To get the active area to span the full 4″, all three edge tabs must be cut off. See the FSLP customization guide (1MB pdf) for more information.



Thank you for posting the answer though!

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