Flashing Multiple Electrons at once

The company I work for would like to be able to flash many (~100) borons at once to update the code to a newer version. These are all across the US, so in person troubleshooting is not possible. I understand roughly how I would structure a script to just flash a big list of them, but I’m worried about some instability we’ve been having flashing single particles. Sometimes the flash fails, sometimes an error message gets displayed but the flash succeeds.

I’m wondering if anyone has a smart way to implement some fail safes to make sure all the particles either successfully flash to a new version, or revert to the previous version. What is the best way to update multiple particles at once? Any sort of best practices here would be helpful.

@imenninga Welcome to the Particle Community.

It wouldn’t matter if this was for Boron or Electron devices - however you have mentioned both devices. You don’t really need to have a script to do this since you can control the release from the console if you have a product and use groups. With newer Device OS (from 1.2.1) there is the control of forced OTA although my experience (not with cellular devices - Electrons and Borons) is that you can leave it to just update when the device is ready to take an update. The update can be signalled to you application and the application can control when the reset / restart happens after a successful flash. The standard Particle OTA Flash is pretty good now in terms of only updating to a successful download. You need to look in the documentation for system events and in the community threads for models of application to use to best control updates.


Great answer, @armor! @imenninga - in case you need a hotlink, check out Your Console’s Products Page as well as some further information about scaling with Products here.

(Also, I’d like to double-down on the reliability of our current OTA system - a lot of impressive work has been done by our fine Device Services Engineers, including a recent push over the past few weeks, to make OTAs more dependable than ever!)