Flashing locally compiled firmware through the dfu-utility


I’m trying to build and flash firmware to a Photon device according to the firmware build tree on github. I was able to build successfully, but when I flash using this command line
make program-dfu
Or build and flash using this:
make clean all PLATFORM=photon -s program-dfu
I get this message:
makefile:22: *** “Platform 0 does not support dynamic modules”. Stop.
Any idea what is causing this, and how it could be resolved?


@mohammedmidhat, which firmware “tree” are you using. There are two parts to the Photon - the system firmware and the user firmware. The system firmware can be built and flashed to a Photon (via DFU) by FIRST switching to the firmware\modules directory and running"
make clean all PLATFORM=photon program-dfu

Note that this will flash over 3 parts, the last being Tinker.

Assuming you have you use application in a folder under the user\applications folder, make and flash (via DFU) the user firmware by switching to the firmware\main directory and running:

make clean all PLATFORM=photon APP=myapp program-dfu
where myapp is the name of the directory your code is in. :smile:

Thank you @peekay123, now I got Error 74 and Error 2 after the file was downloaded successfully, and my simply application runs on the Particle. Do you know why I’m getting these errors though? Should I worry about them?

@mohammedmidhat these are well known errors and are related to the Photon rebooting and dfu-util loosing the connection I believe. You can just ignore these.