Flashee Eeprom for other external flash

@mdma, Do you know what types of external flash chips can work with your library? For example would this chip be compatible to use with your Flashee Library?


@wesner0019 FYI they have these chips up to 16 MB in size also which is what I plan on using. The 16MB chips are $2 in low quantities which I don’t think is to bad.

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I tried and wasnt able to use flashee, spiffs is much easier to deal with. but maybe it was just me…

@mdma if i use the same spi flash chip as the core. How hard would it be to use the flashee eeprom library with the electron to add the the flash connected to any 3 of the SPI lines(SPI, SPI1, SPI2)?

Our current device for our business uses the P1 that integrates the flash and we require this to be used. We are looking at developing another model of our device that uses the Electron. Since the Electron doesn’t embed flash I would need to add a chip to our board.

Any help would be appreciated.