Flash from 0.9.0 to 1.4 Bricks my devices

Two argons, both refuse to restart with any LED light

I cannot enter safe mode, though I can get to DFU (trying to reset them now)

Any ideas?

How did you try to update?

I updated OTA; both devices seemed to flash, then shut down. No LED at all, even after reset/power cycle.

I used DFU to reset the firmware to 1.2.1 (no tinker), then put into safe mode and flashed OTA selecting 1.2.1 instead of 1.4 and all is well.

It’s been a few months since I have done any work on these. Was I not supposed to jump from 0.9.0?

When skipping multiple version via OTA application update causing Safe Mode Healer auto-upgrades you may need to let the device alone for a longer period in order to have all intermediate steps run in order. This will involve multiple restarts of the device an you shouldn’t get impatient with that.

The safest way to fast forward the device OS would be via the latest CLI and particle update in DFU Mode.

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Note: One device was back and working with 1.2.1 and OTA updates after all this.

The other shows up in the console as 1.2.1, and an OTA flash says successful, but it’s not running my firmware after a reset. straight to safe mode.

I tried to update my app over DFU, but same issue (the same code runs fine on another argon).

I will try and reset via DFU again on that one, see if it works.

(Oh, btw, I waited about 10 minutes after that initial OTA flash, and it never came 'round. Could be that wasn’t long enough, but I think it was not responding. And resets didn’t get it up either.)

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