Few question, if anyone can answer

is Particle Asset Tracker hardware open source?
can we utilize our own cloud with it?
what is the battery time on Particle Asset Tracker?
can we change the battery ?

  1. Yes, it’s Open Source

  2. You can use your own cloud or send data where ever you want without the Particle Cloud.

  3. Battery run time will depend on how you program the system to work. It could vary widely for only hours to months.

  4. Yes you can use different larger batteries.

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Hi, thanks so much for your quick. reply one more concern.

i have been trying to talk to sales but couldn’t get connect to someone dealing the wholesale. is it possible that i can have a video conference with them regarding buying of units in wholesale?.

@Will Can help you with that :slight_smile:

ok thanks so i will write to him. :slight_smile:

Hi Khan,

I see your ticket/email and I’m replying to you there!


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Hi Kevin, thanks alot :slight_smile:


Feel free to ping me directly as well with sales / technical sales related questions and I can help connect you with the right people. But Will works too :slight_smile:


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Hi David,

thanks mate, i will do that if their were further sales / technical sales questions.

best regards

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