Few Question about using sleep function

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  1. Can sleep mode System.sleep(wakeUpPin, edgeTriggerMode, seconds) work without time?
    (I want to wake the electron up everytime it senses the acceleration which greater than the threshold)

  2. About the WKP, I don’t understand how this work? I think that the system will wake up every time it senses something from sensor(in my case it accelerometer) , Does threshold have the effect on WKP?

  3. How setupLowpowermode work?, if I set the electron to this low power mode, how can I change the mode without using System.sleep(wakeUpPin, edgeTriggerMode, seconds)?

4.this is about GPS. Does gpsOn(); mean turn off gps and gpsOff(); means turn on ?

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As per the docs:

In all cases, if the wake up time seconds is omitted or 0, the application will keep sleeping until the wakeUpPin triggers (if specified) or the user hits the RESET button.

A RISING, FALLING, or CHANGE-ingslope will be detected. Thresholds will not matter and should be checked afterwards. Alternatively, configure your peripheral to send a signal only when its pre-configured threshold is reached.

Not sure what you’re referring to, have you got a link?

if you look at the names, you can probably guess what they’re supposed to do. If not, a link to whatever it is you’re referring to would be great.


@Moors7, the WKP pin will ONLY wake the device from deep sleep using a RISING edge. This is as defined in the STM32F205 specs. If the WKP pin is use for waking for non deep sleep, then it behaves as you described.


Well , because of the description, I’m confused. And, in the library it said that gps Off() means HIGH which I understand that high mean let that pin work. I’m still confused.

I adapt from wake on me in the assettracker library. It use low power mode in reset state.

To , @peekay123 and @Moors7

By the way, thank you for your help.

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HIGH does not mean active. A lot of devices have “active LOW” pins.
e.g. the SlaveSelect pins on SPI devices are active LOW, meaning the respective slave is enabled/selected by pulling the pin LOW.

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Thank you :slight_smile: @ScruffR