Feeling nervous about the P1 in production



We are already comfortably using photons and argons in the field, but these are deployed and managed by ourselves.

We have recently created a consumer product based on the P1, effectively an alarm, as well as a plastic injection molded case, packaging, apps etc. Its been a process.

Our testing however has not gone well. We are in Mexico so everyone uses Android and routers are often WEP encrypted. These two issues seem to cause problems.

The Particle Android app SDK doesn’t have the same success rate in connecting as the iOS. It often fails on connecting to Wifi in a way that iOS doesn’t (at least in our tests). Also, WEP routers often fail when it comes to provisioning - there is some discussion here but the fixes are far too much for a non technical customer to have to go through.

Has anyone faced these problems ? It feels to use like this architecture is better suited to first world environments, and maybe we should consider the ESP32 .

Any ideas would be very welcome


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