FCC/CE Verification and Australia


We’re releasing a product and have lab time scheduled this week for FCC/CE verification. Our product is classified as an unintentional radiator, and we plan to mail kits out with a Supplier Declaration of Conformity issued by an accredited lab. If we pass, will we be able to sell in Australia? I have read the documentation here:

I don’t see anything specific about the Australian market.


Hey Aaron,

Each country may have its own set of wireless certifications and regulations that need to be observed, however many instead choose to leverage international certification standards like FCC and IC.

It looks like there is a mark called the “Regulatory Compliance Mark” that may be applicable in Australia, but I do not know if certification with that mark is an import/export/distribution requirement.

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We have some of our hives at the Australian Parliament in partnership with an engineering firm called Aurecon. I’ve sent out emails to them about this topic and will follow up in this thread, when we get answers.

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Reach out to ACMA the Australian regulatory body on this topic.

The majority of the time, the answer is yes the device needs to be tested to Australian standards (usually a copy of CISPR32). They’ll also tell you the level expected based on the devices proximity to humans during normal use.

When we approached them 6 months ago the answer was to approach a local testing lab and get them to do the test.

You also need to label your product appropriately with the RCM compliance tick.

The Electron fails the standard if you have long wires leading off some of the pins, we found it requires appropriate filtering/shielding to get close to passing.

Always email them to get your requirements in writing :slight_smile:


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@Aaron-Osbeehives, how did you go with certification?
Looking at a product myself and see that it is possible if you show conformance, though FCC is not directly accepted.

How did you go with it and how was it achieved?

I see the existing certs:

though think that there still needs to be another doc that shows RCM compliance… =S