Extra events when particle.subscribe used


If i have a particle.subscribe with an empty call handler i get extra event messages in the system console. Disabling the particle.subscribe stops the event messages. Is this normal behaviour??

|spark/device/diagnostics/update|{“device”:{“network”:{“signal”:{“at”:“Wi-Fi”,“strength”:56,“strength_units”:"%",“strengthv”:-72,“strengthv_units”:“dBm”,“strengthv_type”:“RSSI”,“quality”:35.48,“quality_units”:"%",“qualityv”:20,“qualityv_units”:“dB”,“qualityv_type”:“SNR”},“connection”:{“status”:“connected”,“error”:0,“disconnects”:0,“attempts”:1,“disconnect_reason”:“none”}},“cloud”:{“connection”:{“status”:“connected”,“error”:0,“attempts”:1,“disconnects”:2,“disconnect_reason”:“error”},“coap”:{“transmit”:0,“retransmit”:0,“unack”:0,“round_trip”:0},“publish”:{“rate_limited”:0}},“system”:{“uptime”:157,“memory”:{“used”:40584,“total”:82944}}},“service”:{“device”:{“status”:“ok”},“cloud”:{“uptime”:2,“publish”:{“sent”:1}},“coap”:{“round_trip”:348}}}|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:28 pm|
|particle/device/updates/pending|false|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:26 pm|
|particle/device/updates/forced|false|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:25 pm|
|particle/device/updates/enabled|true|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:25 pm|
|spark/status|online|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:25 pm|
|spark/status|offline|Display|11/4/21 at 1:05:18 pm|

Those events are normal and do not count against your monthly data operations.

They should occur whether you subscribe or not, but in any case they are normal.

1 of the events is an offline from the cloud. Which is fine if it reconnects but sometimes it does not which is a severe pain for a remote device. I have reduced the code to a minimum to investigate further see below

void myHandler(const char *event, const char *data)

void setup() {
    Particle.subscribe("Consumption_electricity", myHandler);

void loop() {

As it stands i get the extra event messages but if i comment out the particle.subscribe i get no event messages at all and the unit stays connected to the cloud.

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