External RGB LED Control

Hello everyone,

I would like to control 2 RGB LEDs from a photon using the same methods as the builtin status LED (setting color, pattern, priority, etc. LEDStatus()). I have seen the RGB Library, but I don’t want to mirror the system LED. I want my external LEDs to be independent of the system LED and from each other. So while LED1 is breathing purple, LED2 is rapidly flashing yellow. The LEDStatus’ priority system is also very attractive in that I would like to be able to have one status override another on one or both of the external LEDs.

Ideally, I could just make a new LED object that would point to an external LED and call functions similar to those in LEDStatus. However, in spite of my searching, I haven’t found anything that would allow me to do that. Is there any sort of library or OS feature that I have overlooked? I would love to find it before I go attempt to reinvent the wheel. :grinning: