External Flash Life Cycles

Hi all,
perhaps a stupid question, buti have problems understanding the 100k Life Cycle endurance of the external flash.

Does it mean that i can only erase about 100k times a 4//32/64 Kb Sector ?
Or does that mean every byte i write ?
Or everytime i´m using sFlash_writbuffer ?
For example if I erase sector 0x81000 . Than i write an uint8 array of lentgh 60 from 0x81000 to 0x8103B . After that i write again an uint array of 60 byte from 0x8103C to 0x81077 without erasing that sector .

Does that make me use “2”, “1” or more of the 100k cycle ?


Hi @dongamelo,

I think ( someone please correct me if I’m wrong ), writes to the external flash happen in 4K pages. So when you want to write a single byte, you end up writing the whole page. So my guess is that every page write would count against that # of max writes. I could certainly be wrong though!


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Thanks for the reply @Dave,

i now tried the German wiki and found the answer. For erasing a block is high voltage needed, which degenerates the oxid layer of the floating gate where the data is stored. So only erasing will “consume” that life cycle(If I didn´t understand it wrong ).


You guys got it right–the part is rated for greater than 10,000 cycles of endurance, which means each 4k page can be erased and written at least 10,000 times.

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