External battery question

Probably a stupid question, but asking anyway for safety reasons - I connected a battery using the Li+ pin…when plugging the Electron in the USB port of my computer, would it attempt to recharge this battery by default?

What about if I were to connect a battery using the JST connector? How does the Electron know which batteries it can and can’t recharge?

It doesn’t know and would try to charge. A protective diode would block any charging attempt tho’

It’s going to try to charge any battery up to 4.2v which is right for most LiPo types but not all so make sure you check the specs for the battery before attempting to charge up to 4.2v.

So regardless of connecting through Li+ pin or JST, it will attempt to recharge? I’m using a non-rechargeable cell so recharging is absolutely out of the question. I can simply use USB as my only power source and use the battery when it can’t run off the USB, no problem. Just wanted to be sure.

Yes, it will attempt to recharge on those connections when the PMIC chip gets voltage to the Vin pins or the USB input.