Extend RESET & MODE on Argon, Xenon & BoronLTE


I need to extend the RESET & MODE button on the Argon, Xenon & BoronLTE, meaning I need to place the buttons elsewhere on the PCB, I’ve been (although fairly painful process) able to solder out wires from the pads of each REST & MODE buttons and connect those to the external push buttons, is there another way, in terms of pragmatically attaching the REST & MODE button functionally to GPIO’s which are a lot more accessible for soldering / wiring out? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Have you tried using the pins marked MD & RST?

The datasheets are usually a place to look before swinging the soldering iron :wink:


I let the excitement of soldering get the best of me haha, thanks a bunch, saves me from not drinking coffee so my hands would shake less when soldering those teensy pads, am going start a tab for your beer tally :slight_smile:

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