Ethernet over USB?

I have an industrial control unit that allows direct connection via USB only. The unit serves up web pages via ethernet over usb.

My question - can I use my Particle to connect via USB? If so, I could then do a get request for the page with the data that I want, strip out the important bits, and relay that elsewhere.

Alternatively, has anybody tried using an Arduino ethernet shield through the “shield shield” for Particle?

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Hello there @fishstickjesus. Neither the Photon nor the Core support Ethernet over USB at present. Do you know which particular protocol your device expects? My understanding is that there are several protocols in common use to implement Ethernet over USB.

Interfacing the Ethernet Shield via the Shield Shield will be the simpler option. The Ethernet Shield supports SPI which the W5100 uses to communicate. Plus the W5100 Chip select is on Arduino pin 4, which is mapped to Core pin D3 by the Shield Shield.

The Ethernet Library hasn’t been ported to the Particle platform. Given that the main interface to the board is SPI this may require only changing Pin 4 to D3, and the SPI pins to their Spark equivalents (if they didn’t use the portable names like MISO,MOSI,CLK etc…)

I hope that helps!

Wow - ask a question about a product and get a timely response from someone with real technical knowledge? Particle may have a future!

The device in question is using RNDIS as the protocol.

I’ve got my new ethernet shield (and an ethernet breakout) coming this week. Looking forward to hooking them up to my Photon and seeing what happens. If I can get the breakout to work that would make life pretty good.

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