Ethernet interface for Particle using W5500 User Library Complete


Yes please ! I am happy to order early hardware to test. Let me have details if you have some or some pointers and I will make some up. Happy to prototype some hardware. I actually need PoE so I will be adding this to the design! Anybody else keen ?


Yup, I’ll pick up a couple right away. Please ping me once they hit the store. Thanks!


@IOTrav Indeed, it’s great news! I’m also in the need of it. Ping me as soon as it is available. :smile:



Thank you. I have tested the TCP server. It works perfectly. When can we order the ethernet adapter?


Just to be clear - this device will route all particle cloud traffic via hardwired ethernet? Is/will there be an option to use wifi which would make this a universal wifi or hardwired device?

… and thank you for your work on developing this. :slight_smile:


Great! Thank you for testing. We are looking to have it available for order on our site later on this week.


@IOTrav, can you please clarify this point? :slight_smile:


This first iteration does not support routing Particle cloud traffic through the Ethernet interface. The hardware is perfectly capable of this but the back end firmware needs to be written in order to support Particle cloud traffic. We are attempting to recruit developers to work on this project. Our hopes are that we can get several of these Ethernet overlays into circulation and they will land in the hands of users who will develop this capability and share it with the community.


Just an update for everyone following this thread. We had to order in a couple of components for the first production run of the Particle Ethernet overlay shields(250 pieces). We hope to have the components in shortly and will build the first run at that time. Sorry for the delay. Stay tuned.


@IOTrav just checking if there’s any update on when the shields will be available? Thanks!


I just test this library with a small wiznet w5500 ethernetboard. it seems to work, great job!
My board: wiznet w5500 breakout board.

I hope Particle cloud support for this eternet device will come soon!
I prefer a hard wired connection above wifi.


I’d Like to apologize to everyone on this thread for being ridiculously slow on getting the Ethernet Overlay shields manufactured. We have been caught up in a new partnership and it has absolutely eaten everyone here’s time. We have not forgotten about this project though and will begin manufacturing the units very soon. I will definitely let everyone know as soon as they are available.


Hey everyone. The Ethernet overlays are finally available for order here:

@sddw, @MisterNetwork, @aruangra, @djs07, @shanevanj, @tommy_boy, @dome, @peekay123, @ScruffR, @HappyXD

Sorry for all the tags, just wanted to make sure you all knew about it.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the long wait.


I was hoping the shield would utilize the 2nd SPI port instead of the 1st SPI port on the analog pins. Could a possible future implementation use the digital pins instead?


Hi @tommy_boy

That is absolutely possible but would require designing a new board. In hind sight it would have been nice to have on board jumpers for between the two.


Thats a great idea!


Which files in particular did you have to modify? Are they in the WICED folder here: I’m trying to do the same thing using the Photon and a Wiznet module which uses the W5100.

I’ve managed to connect to hosts using their server names and send HTTP requests but I’m stuck on the next step of actually incorporating this into the Particle firmware. Any help would be appreciated


Owen, the setup we had was entirely different. It was STM32F207 with its built in Ethernet MAC which was used to connect to cloud. This needs modification in HAL and the wiced stack. You can use the stack available at cypress developers site. And to authenticate the device to connect to cloud, you ought to share the device unique ID with particle folks and they shall grant the permission.

Note you can only view the device on console and you can’t use the WebIDE to download the firmware.


Thanks for your quick response. Oh right, so you can attach an Ethernet port directly to the chip because it’s RMII compatible or something like that? Is the WICED stack that you’re talking about generic or device-specific?

My plan was to attempt to find the parts of the Photon’s firmware (found here: where Wifi is configured and attempt to make modifications to instead route Particle cloud traffic through this Wiznet Ethernet module I have (essentially what IOTrav mentioned but I’m using a W5100 instead of a W5500).

My problem is that there are so many libraries that I don’t know where to start. I guess looking through the WICED folder in that github link would be a good first step? Thanks for the heads up about the device ID needing authentication with Particle themselves and the WebIDE limitation


I am also heading down a similar path. @Maddy5075, would you be able to provide any further insight on how you edited the HAL and WICED stack? Thanks alot!