ETA for "webhooks"?


Is there any word of an ETA for “webhooks”?

i.e., when a Spark.publish() is called, triggering an event in the Spark Cloud that automatically notifies a HTTP API endpoint I’ve somehow defined elsewhere?

Last I heard was Dave in early april ( mentioning that it would be in the next sprint, but I haven’t heard anything since.

I’m building a simple water-sensor with a Core and want it to push to Twilio for text message notifications, so I don’t have to run my own nodejs middleware server just to listen to the event.

Thanks for any insight :slight_smile:

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I suppose it is this Summer, if I am not wrong.

You can do this right now with
Not twilio, but Pushover.
I’ve got twilio on the todo list.

Hi Kareem,

Thanks for atomiot, I had looked at it in the past. But when I select a trigger “When an event is published…” it says “Coming when they ship the webhooks feature…”.

Would I have to do it instead with a Atomiot schedule, saving a 1/0 variable to the cloud of whether or not my Spark senses water?

Heya @nicj,

Good question! I’m working on the local cloud right now, and hoping to start the initial beta for that next week. I have been delaying webhooks just until I get a chance to make sure we don’t spam servers, but I’ve also been running a very small beta of that as well. I’m happy to give you access if you email me at in the meantime. :slight_smile:



Atomiot can poll every 5 minutes. Just expose the water sensor value as a spark variable and the rest is in Atomiot.
This way you can control the threshold value from the web instead of firmware code.

Is every 5 minutes good enough or is this detecting something more time sensitive than that?

I guess that depends on what type of water sensor it is… 5 minutes for a leak detector is too long, but 5 minutes for a rain barrel would be fine :wink:

Yeah I was hoping for a quicker notification than 5 minutes. That’s why I was hoping an event-based model would work. With my sensor, if it’s detecting water, something bad is happening :slight_smile:

Sad to know the Webhooks is delayed :frowning:

Sorry about that! A good chunk of my time is dedicated to going through applications from awesome engineers to help us tackle all the features we want to build. :slight_smile: I’ve been giving beta access so far for webhooks to people who want to try it out, but it’s not well documented yet (since it’s pre-release), and I don’t have a ton of time to support it since it’s experimental. But if you email me I’ll probably give you beta access.