Error using google sheets

Im trying to send temp values from the photon to google sheets
It show this error on the applet


Hi @Lagartus

It looks like you are missing the event name from your IFTTT setup. In mine that works, it says:

If MyDevice published Temperature, then add row to spreadsheet in's Google Drive

Where Temperature is the event name that is published in my device like this:

 Particle.publish("Temperature", tempStr); 
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Hello , finally I fixed the IF, photon publishes correctly
See pic

I cannot make it create the g.sheet
See pic,

Whats wrong?

any help please?

HI @Lagartus

In the pictures above, it looks like everything is working fine. Can you explain in more detail what you expected to happen and what is not happening.

it does not create the sheet nor uploads any info to google drive.

In my working example, I have:

Spreadsheet Name:  <EventName>atMyDevice
Formatted row: <EventName>|||<EventContents>|||<DeviceName>|||<CreatedAt>
Drive folder path: events

So I create the sheet “TempatMyDevice” in the folder “events” and put four times into each row for each event.

I don’t recall if the folder and the sheet have to exist before your run this, but it doesn’t hurt so I would try creating them ahead of letting this run.

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Hello, still struggling with this

Ive created
Particle.publish(“Temp_Published”, temperatureCurrent4String);

So " Temp_Plublished" it show correct temp

For some reason, the data gets lost halfway and does not create the sheet/ row

Any suggestion?

Hi @Lagartus

I would try publishing something that you know will work as a test like,


And make that works.

I think the “if” works correctly
I did the modification

nothing is created in google sheets

Hi @Lagartus

I think you have a couple of errors in your setup there.

  1. You are creating a new spreadsheet for every value (EventContents) and I do not think that is what you want. The Spreadsheet name should be just EventName.

  2. You are not formatting the row correctly. You need to add “|||” between the DeviceName, CreateAt, EventContents, and EventName items in the formatted row.

ok, i followed your guide

it shows:


Hi @Lagartus

Not EventContents for the spreadsheet name–you need EventName or something else. Otherwise you spreadsheet will be named “1.00” which seems silly. You can have more things in the formatted row, if you separate them with three vertical bars ("|||").

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Sorry, Ive made all tests posibble
I think data does not get to google sheets.
Ived verified permissions and all are ok
This is my last screen

Maybe there was a change now with sheets permissions
thanks in advance

OK I just tried mine again and it works fine. You must have given IFTTT your permission to use your Google account and you must turn on the recipe. Here are some screenshots:

Here is the Google sheet in my Google Drive. You can see I ran it in April and again just now. The device publishes a “Temperature” event every minute.


I did finally find the problem
The recipe works fine.
The confusion is where the sheet is created.
Dont look in the google drive folders.
You need to log in into the gmail used in the recipe, and look there into the sheets
Voila !
I hope this helps for a newbie like me !