Electrons Publish/Subscribe custom TTL

Hi there!

We’re working on a electron-based product that is periodically going offline, and we’re looking to improve user experience by using a pub/sub model instead of directly querying the device (ie function).

Looking through the documentation it states that the TTL option is not yet implemented on a Particle.Publish() - I wanted to confirm whether this is true or the documentation is out of date. From my searches on the community forums it appears the latest posts re: this feature are quite dated.

I’d appreciate any confirmation anyone can provide!

Nope, no change on that front - TTL is not used.

Thanks for the confirmation - do you know if there is on the road map or a ‘in the future’ idea?

No idea - we have heard it to be on the coming feature list still, but it just gets pushed down the priority list since day one - so the Elite bunch has stopped rattling the cage (there would be many more features we would be ragging on about :wink: ).

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