Electron's Public IP issued by Particle or carrier or?


I hear that eventually the firmware will have a CellularLocate() or similar function. I’ve also read the @BDub has a nifty library for locating the Electron. However, I just need something lightweight. Basically, I need to know the location of the Electron down to the city for weather forecasting and tracking our assets. SO, I’m thinking I could look up the Lat-Long from the IP address. This is my long winded way of asking whether the Public IP address assigned to the Electron is done by Particle from a their central DHCP server or by the carrier? I.e., would this IP address be roughly suitable for locating the device?

Thanks much.


It’s a private IP and it’s likely going to resolve to where our telephony partner is located. I think CellLocate should be enough, however a bit slow and not always super reliable depending on available info from towers and the main u-Blox server.

I just checked the location of my Electron’s routable IP address and it’s in Spain. I’m located in the United States, so I’d say that the IP address is a poor indicator of location :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys