Electron - what next

What are the plans regarding future of electron boards for Europe?
I’m asking since we’re planing a new hardware release and I wonder if Electron is still a way to go or should Boron be considered inspite it’s not that GPIO reach as the Electron is.


In Europe and EMEAA, the current plan is to use LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback, as is used in the B Series SoM B523 and Tracker T523.

It unlikely that there will be a LTE Cat 1 version of the Electron or the Boron, as the modem module for LTE Cat 1 (Quectel EG91-E or -EX) is physically too wide to fit in the Electron or Boron form-factor.

However, since the 2G/3G sunset is farther in the future for Europe than the United States and Canada, it will be possible to continue to use 2G/3G modules for longer there.

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