Electron sleep mode max time?

Is there a maximum amount of time that the firmware allows the electron to be in (SLEEP_MODE_DEEP) before automatically waking up? I am seeing that if I do a System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_DEEP); with no other settings, no wake pin set, etc. the device will wake itself up after about 17 hours with no intervention. Not sure how I’ve never noticed it before, but I have been able to duplicate this several times on multiple devices. If it is not normal, I will keep troubleshooting but just wanted to make sure before I spend too much time working on it.

Running 0.6.0. Close to full battery. No peripherals hooked up.

Thanks in advance!

This wake should not happen.

SLEEP_MODE_DEEP has by default WKP set as wake pin. To be sure there are no other reasons for the wake than an RTC wake, you may try adding a pull-down resistor on WKP and also make sure there is nothing happening on USB - especially power-wise.

Any way to disable the WKP pin via firmware?

Nope, it’s hard wired (AFAIK)