Electron not waking

We have 10 Electron running firmware v0.7.0.
Half off them will not wake up at all after calling: System.sleep(SLEEP_MODE_SOFTPOWEROFF, SLEEP_TIME).

I find it hard to reproduce the error as it affects only half off our fleet.
I know there might be several reasons to this error and I don’t give a lot of information here, but I would like help to narrow down the reason for this happening.

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Is SLEEP_TIME a constant? If not, double check that it never gets negative.

Make sure the WKP pin is not HIGH when going to sleep.

What to do if the design has WKP pulled high and the device is put in sleep mode? Is there a work around (such as setting as an output and driving low?)

This is an open issue

While this issue is still slated for 0.8.0 I can’t see a fix applied up to now (0.8.0-rc.9).

Currently the only thing around is to not have it HIGH on sleep.

Thank you - well noted for future designs.

Thank you for the response.
Is there any workarounds for this problem?
I’m using an modified version of the Asset Tracker, where I need to wake on movement.

Does any example code for how to make sure the LIS3DH is not keeping the WKP High before going to sleep exist?

Found a couple of answers here if anyone is interested. asset-tracker-accelerometer-gps-problem

The fix is basicly to check for movement and if there is movement don’t use SLEEP_MODE_DEEP and SLEEP_NETWORK_STANDBY.