Electron OTA Rollback 0.8.0-rc11 -> 0.7.0


If I push firmware to an Electron compiled against 0.7.0, whilst the Electron is running on 0.8.0-rc11, should I expect the Electron to automatically downgrade itself to 0.7.0?

Because it’s not happening.



No, you have to manually downgrade the firmware on the device by running the binaries in the correct order. You can search for the firmware updates thread.

Easiest way to downgrade to 0.7.0 is via CLI v1.32.0 or later particle update (which will “update” to the latest official release).

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Interesting. Can I do this OTA?

Nope, OTA you need to send the binaries individually in reverse order.

Thanks. That worked.

Best, M.