Electron - no cloud connectivity after being in a no signal area for hours


When I leave my Electron in a garage for a few hours and the Electron is set to wake up during that period I see that the status led keeps blinking blue and even after I move the device to an area with proper signal it can’t connect to the cloud any more.

What is the reconnection logic? Is this expected? Are people solving this by manual connection? Can the application watchdog be used to reset the device in such cases?


There are two things: if you’re getting blinking dark blue (listening mode blue) even after disconnecting the battery and external power, waiting 30 seconds or so, and powering it back up, the problem is likely that your SIM card is loose. Just removing it and putting it back in may help. Or you can try to either gently lift the little metal prongs that contact the SIM with a pin (with power off and SIM card removed) or push down on the little metal holder to get a better contact.

Otherwise, reconnection should be automatic, however occasionally unpredictable things can occur. Here is my code sample of things you can add to your code to make it more bulletproof. One of the techniques will get you out of blinking dark blue (unless caused by a loose SIM; that can’t be corrected in software). It also includes information about the application watchdog if you want to add that.


Did you solve this eventually? I’m experiencing similar problems; leaving the electron in areas without coverage for some time (>20 minutes or so), it doesn’t seem to be able to reconnect once I get into areas With coverage. My electron does however switch from listening mode to connecting mode (flashing green) from time to time while in areas without coverage. Once I hit reset it usually only takes a couple of seconds before the electron connects again to the cloud, flashing it’s beautiful cyan led.

I will implement @rickkas7 watchdog soon but I was thinking if there’s any other way of doing it, since to my understanding the electron Should automatically reconnect once a good signal is available.


Not really, it hasn’t been occurring lately, so I didn’t bother to fix.