Electron cell reconnection - any tips & tricks?

I’m wondering if there are any tips and tricks out there to speed up cellular + cloud reconnection on the electrons?
I notice, that when driving around with my electron devices, they sometimes lose cell and/or cloud connectivity and will not reconnect by themselves.
I see the electron flashing green (no cell connection) or sometimes flashing cyan (no cloud connection) for several minutes.
When I push the reset button in these cases, the electron will reconnect in less than 30 seconds.
I have implemented some code that does a
or a
Cellular.command(20000, “AT+CFUN=15\r\n”);
But that does not really help.
When my code detects 5 Minutes without particle.connected()==true it will do a system.reset and then the device usually reconnects within seconds.

So the question is, if there is a way to get the reconnect achieved more quickly via code and without doing a system.reset…


Have you tried using the Cellular.connect(); method in place of your off() / on() functions? If you already have the code set to run a command after 5 minutes of no connection you should be able to use .connect() instead of calling System.reset().