Electron Memory map for flashing Bootloader, System Firmware & Application code

We have a large number of Electrons to program for production and we are wanting to do this via JTAG rather than USB / Serial. We also want to ensure that the boot loader and system firmware are all of the same revision during this process, as we get Electrons delivered to us with various versions of boot loader and system firmware in them. Ideally we would like to have 1 file that can be flashed to the device (via JTAG and the STLINK/V2 utility) that has the versions of Boot loader, system firmware and our application in it that we require so that we can streamline the production programming.

To do this, I need to know the addresses for each section, and length of each region:
Boot loader (assumed to be at 0x8000000 for 16k)
System Firmware - part 1 (address : ?? Length 128k )
System Firmware - part 2 (address : ?? Length 128k )
System Firmware - part 3 (address : ?? Length 128k )
User application area (address : ?? Length ?? )

Also, if there are memory regions between any of the above that should not be overwritten, what are they?

Many thanks in advance.

You mean this?

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Yes. Thanks very much.
Right there in an easy to get at place. I’m sure I’ve probably skipped past it when looking at hardware items.

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