Electron, GSM Cellular Service Availibility Test

Has anyone created a simple test to determine if GSM service (3G) is even available and accessible at a given location?

I am not talking about cell locator. All I want to do is determine IF service is available, possibly signal strength and IF Electron can connect to network.

My application is some agricultural sensors in a rather rural and hilly location (western NY state). I know Verizon CDMA is available, although spotty 3G service at best. I’m looking for something already done and tested so that I can evaluate service sooner rather than later.

Thanks for any suggestions.

It wasn’t what you were asking for, but I wrote some example code that might be helpful if you want to build such a tool yourself:

Also, the Electron only uses AT&T and T-Mobile in the Untied States, not Verizon or Sprint.

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Thanks for the link :grinning:. As my time ran short I just powered up a module at the site I was wondering about and, unfortunately, never got to “breathing cyan” indicating happily connected to internet. Pretty much a no-go test.

May spend some time this winter working on a “test” but since I was not able to find enough signal to connect in the first place become a don’t care for a GSM module.

I could be real happy if there was an Electron coming with a CDMA (Verizon) based module. I know I have that signal at the site.

Heya @tecarc,

I’ve heard good things about OpenSignal for checking coverage:



I have used both the Open Signal application and Sensorly on my Verizon CDMA phone. Both work well and have documented that my home is in a less than optimal signal area even though I live in “Verizon country”. That said I also have never figured out how my phone can have “international” capability without access to GSM. That is a whole different topic.

Not having a GSM phone prevents me from using the app to check GSM signal.

Bottom line, the Electron module will offer a go/no-go indication of connectivity and with addition of some code that will access the AT commands can give detail. Just have to find the time get there.