[ELECTRON] Difference between Particle.connect() and Cellular.connect();


I am trying to build a internet connected button that can run for weeks on a singel battery charge with the electron.
I want it to be in standby and only if a button is pressed activate cellular and cojnnect to particle cloud…

what is the difference between Particle.connect() and Cellular.connect();
Will Particle.connect() also turn on the cellular? I am using System mode manual…

And are there more tiops to reduce power consumption, the button does not have to be real-time…

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What is your project/product going to do?

Neither Cellular.connect() nor Particle.connect() will turn the modem on. That’s done via Cellular.on().
But the answer to the difference question can be found here

It is going to be a gift card that can be activated by a single push of a button. And then the people who sent the card get a notification about who pushed the button and can reach out to them…
That’s it. :smiley:

for some reason whatever i try to do with the system modes and manual connects, I keep getting in safe_mode …

That’s a sign that your application is targeting a higher system version than your device has got on it.
Either update the Electron or target the older version.

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Okay, So I updated with particle firmwaremanager to 0.5.2 but even with the simpelest program I flash I keep getting safe_mode … even when I try to flash OTA instead of with usb…

How are you building?
The default system firmware is now 0.5.3 and not 0.5.2, so if you are building for default you’ll just have the same problem again.

i downloaded it from here… https://docs.particle.io/guide/tools-and-features/firmware-manager/electron/
so it is an old link… that explains a lot…