Electron Data Usage - URL GET without triggering Particle.function or requesting Particle.variable

Does using the following URL (GET), cost you data usage? My assumption is since its not requesting data via a Particle publish, function or variable. All this would do would be “pinging” the cloud server.

Device ID and Access Token are removed for security reasons.

https://api.spark.io/v1/devices/<device id>/?access_token=<access token>

“id”: “”,
“name”: “Electron”,
“last_app”: null,
“last_ip_address”: “”,
“last_heard”: “2016-08-27T14:22:49.762Z”,
“product_id”: 6,
“connected”: true,
“platform_id”: 6,
“cellular”: false,
“status”: “normal”,
“pinned_build_target”: “0.5.2”

Here is something I was reading about earlier today that may or may not be helpful for you.

I did ask to see if the “no acknowledge publish” was active now or not.

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Yes, the devices endpoint (both accessed directly and through particle list) only queries the database on the cloud server, so it doesn’t incur data charges for the device you’re looking at.

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Just for the sake of nit picking, the above would actually be a GET request, so I changed the topic title.

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Thanks for catching that, I always get those reversed for some reason! :smile:

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Thanks for verifying my assumption!