Electron code works when compile locally but not when compile from Web IDE

So I’m using https://github.com/nmattisson/HttpClient/blob/master/firmware/HttpClient.cpp to send a GET request to a server, literally the only thing happening in the code is that it sets the hostname/path and an authentication header. Once the http client gets to connection: close (line 112) the electron crashes.

The weird thing is this only happens when I compile on the Web IDE, if I compile locally everything works fine (I ran the code over night while logging serial output and it never crashed). Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening?

@jcole, what do you mean by “compile locally”? Which firmware repo branch are you using? What version of the firmware are you compiling to on the IDE? What version of system firmware is on the Electron? A little more info would be helpful :wink:

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0.5.0 Release

Hi @jcole

There are two kinds of compiling locally: using the cloud compiler but handling the binary files on your computer as described in the link you gave, or using a compiler (gcc) on your own computer to compile. Sounds like you are in the first category.

Have you looked in the webIDE settings to see which version you are compiling against? You might want to check that setting:


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