Electron battery capacity recognition

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I want to use a 10000mah 3.7V LiPo battery which is connected to the LiPo plug of the Electron.
Currently I’m using the original 2000mah battery and I can see the following information in the console:

f.e 94 % battery charge

When I connect the 10000mah battery will the Electron recognize the battery capacity? F.e will it display 10 % battery charge if the battery has 1000mah left or will it display 50 % battery charge because it assumes that the original battery is connected?

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The battery level is determined by the MAX17043 fuel gauge chip on the Electron (also E Series and Boron). This should work with any single cell 3.7V LiPo battery and does not depend on the capacity of the battery in any way.

Note that it does only work with lithium ion batteries. Connecting a battery with a different battery chemistry will likely result in incorrect readings even if the voltage is the same.

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@rickkas7 just to close the loop, this statement (soc is independent of capacity since it is voltage dependent) is true for the Boron fuel gauge as well?

Edit: just saw that you included the E Series and Boron in your statement, my apologizes.

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