Electron Asset Tracker - SMS with GPS Coordinates


I am new to the Particle community and have recently picked up an Electron Asset Tracker v2. I want to get started on my first project and am looking for guidance and advice.

Particle Asset Tracker sense movement via accelerometer, Send SMS text message notification with clickable googlemaps map URL with last retrieved GPS coordinates embedded and time stamp.

Particle Cloud

Currently, I have successfully setup webhook integration to send a text message alert from my particle via twilio to my mobile phone. I am looking for assistance on getting started with polling coordiantes at a given event and inject those coordiantes into an SMS to be sent.

Can this also be done via cell towers instead of GPS satellite?

Future Goals:
Send GPS coordinates to cloud app to view history of device events with timestamp and locations and tracker log.


This will help get you going on geolocation via cell towers (vs. GPS).


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Thank you. What is the best way to extract the coordinates and convert them to tangible values? I would like to implement them into a URL via text message that is clickable when receivers theough SMS.


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Have you looked at the AssetTrackerRK library examples?

Once you have the values, you can use snprintf() to create the desired URL-string.