Electron access

GUys I have an electron that I want to use to cycle power on a remote site. We have 4-5 of us that would need access to it to be able to do that. I am new to this device but learning. What is the best way to make it easy for us to be able to access the device and turn it off and on?
Can I just use the HTML code and put that on everyone’s phone and that will work?
Can you use SMS commands with the Particle SIM??

An HTML webpage could work, but you’d need to manage/host that somehow.

The Particle SIM does not support SMS, but you could use an intermediary like IFTTT, which might be more convenient anyhow.

Do you trust those others with the credentials/accesstoken to the device, or would that need to be shielded from them?

Yes, we are the trusted users and maintain install these units. I sent the html file to my phone as a test and it works fine. Also we would end up having several devices that we could potentially cycle power on, maybe a rewrite of the html to include multiple units?

If a local HTML file works for you, then sure, why not :slight_smile:

Depending on how the devices are configured, you could make the webpage dynamic so that it shows controls for all devices that have matching Functions/Variables exposed.

That sounds like a good idea!

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