Electron 2G high speed flashing red (recharging led)


I got a 5V 2.5A powerbank attached to the Electron via micro USB and no battery.
Do i understand it correctly when i’m saying that it flashes red as it’s “thinking” it’s being recharged when it’s actually the main power source?

The datasheet tells me the Electron can be powered through USB and that it needs a peak current of 1800mA, so this powersource should be just fine, right?

Should i just forget the flashing red “recharging” led?


Hi, In my observation, that LED flashes red continuously until a battery is connected. You can disable it, if it bothers you. That’s all available in the online documentation.

You can ignore the LED quite safely, but without a local power reserve, yes, your power supply must be able to supply suitable peak currents. The operation may otherwise be erratic due to brown-outs.

The peak current requirement will vary according to modem type, amongst other things. If you never use 2G GSM mode, then the peak current is likely to be much less. I dimensioned my power supply for up to 800mA, based on reading the doco, My Electon uses a 3G only modem (there is no 2G network in Australia, now). As I also have the battery connected, I cannot prove that was a sufficiently wise decision, however!



The RED flashing LED is just a normal indicator that the battery is not present.

You can search the form as I think there is a software solution to turning off this red flashing but I can’t remember. I know others have tried to stop this to LED from flashing.

You can disable the red charging LED using this technique: