Electron 2G - GPRS vs SMS

I am currently using an Electron 3G, and I would like to purchase a 2G board. what is the best option to transfer data, GPRS or SMS? what do you recommend?

That depends on your actual use case, but the most flexible transfer is via GPRS. There you can transport pure binary data, while SMS is limited in size and to strings of a limited character set.

Strong signal / high data volume - Gprs
Weak signal / low data volume / Ex. Remote sensing SMS

thanks a lot!! do you know any particle sms libraries? I couldn’t find anything. thanks!

Why would you want to use SMS to transfer data?

What’s your application where that makes sense?

The SMS libraries are more complicated than using Particle Publish to send data.

Let us know what you’re trying to do.

well, I haven’t built anything yet…I found many use cases with sms in different blogs, my scenario is to just send GPS coordinates waken up by an accelerometer for now. I was wondering if there are any big advantages on using the sms and how they can be integrated with any IoT cloud services. thanks a lot for answering!

I would not use SMS to send GPS data, it’s much easier to just send the data to a service like Ubidots or Losant to then display your GPS position or other data on a Google Map.

Sending data over SMS will cost more and take longer to send and receive messages.

Below is a little GPS tracking dashboard I put together on Losant to test a new GPS chip I bought.