Ecobee webhook field problem?

Has anyone tried using the Ecobee (NEST like Thermostat) API to get data via a webhook… looks like it should work, but I keep getting 500 errors. I’ve put the -H fields in the header and the body fields in the data fields section.

And used the full “” as the URL

curl -s -H ‘Content-Type: text/json’ -H ‘Authorization: Bearer AUTH_TOKEN’ ‘{“selection”:{“selectionType”:“registered”,“selectionMatch”:"",“includeRuntime”:true}}’

Any suggestions?


How does your .json file for the webhook look like? Or are you using

I was using the console…

I was having similar 500 error problems trying to access a different API using webhooks.

This thread kind of shows how we used Postman to verify that the API is working and it’s the Webhook formatting that is causing the 500 error message.

Here are the screenshots

You might have to recreate the webhook with “Include Default Attributes” unchecked.