E-Series only online, if USB is connected additionally to VIN


we are using E-Series Modules with U-BLOX Module U201, that are supplied with 5V on VIN (via 24V DC-DC Converter).
Battery is not used.

Now i have some modules, that won´t connect wo the cloud, until i connect the USB additionally.
As soon as USB is connected, the Electron connects with 60% Signal strength on 2G.
I Measured the Voltage on VIN, and it is exactly 5V DC.

Are there some Software Settings for the PMIC or power configuration, that could cause this?
The PMIC settings are not changed in the software.


Hi Christian,

2G/3G devices struggle without batteries as the modem can draw up to 1800mA during connections.

You can configure the PMIC to draw more power from VIN, but you need to ensure your DC/DC converter supports it.
The details are here and here.

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