E-mail watch - new project

Hello everyone,
I would like share with you my project which just got to a “final” prototype. :slight_smile:
You may have seen it already on Hackster, but please allow me to post a link here!
E-mail watch

In short, it’s small box with a few LEDs which tell you if you have new email and, with different colors, indicate which Gmal label they have.
Thus with a quick glance you can find out if there is any new email requiring your immediate/moderate/ bored/__ attention. :wink:

The projct also requires another device like a Raspberry Pi or a small home Linux server, or simply a Zapier/IFTT/__ account.

Here is a small pic to tickle your curiosity!

Check the project details and let me know what you think!
E-mail watch project on Hackster



Nice project! My notifier project has a similar hardware setup, but misses the cool box! (Still waiting for the M3D printer). I especially like how you’ve designed the box using various shapes for the different LEDs.

Some ideas for future versions: In my notifier I’ve added a Nokia LCD display to show text and a small buzzer that can beep and also mimics a ticking clock sound for an audible heartbeat. To top it off I’ve added some small friendly sounding servo driven bells to attract attention to happy events. (For real emergencies I should perhaps add a room filling lasershow accompanied by air-horn sirene :wink:

Hello @maxint !
Thanks for your appreciation.

What I like of this prototype is its small size, simplicity and ease of use.
But I really like your idea of adding a small buzzer or even better a nice and sweet little bell!
Would a small solenoid be sufficient to ring a small bell? I’m not sure that would fit my case, though!
I’ll think about the space for a buzzer…
By the way, as you may have seen the whole thing is mounted on a mini-breadboard, so there is “space” for improvement and new features!

Please share a vid of your lasershow and air-horn sirene as soon as it’s ready! :wink:


Andrea I’m so glad you posted this here!! So fun :smile:

Hi Andrea. On hackster I did notice the small mini-breadboard sized enclosure and envy it. Much more compact than my current prototype, which is still stuck on the half-size breadboard and housed in a left-over transparent cotton-stick box.
I use the webserver library to allow external devices to trigger the notifications, as I wanted the Core to work independent of the cloud. I’ve added an SD adapter to log events, which helps in debugging. Most recently I’ve added the FRAM/SD shield made by @kennethlimcp which is a bit more compact and should allow for more future features.

I have no experience with solenoids yet, but that sounds indeed like a good idea. I still had a mini-servo laying around and some cat-belt bells. To ring them loud enough I needed to extend the servo-stick with a short rod, However, the solenoid might work better and be more compact. Thank you for that suggestion!

The buzzer I use is a small round active buzzer with two legs, directly driven by a digital port. It’s not very loud and I’m thinking of adding an amplified speaker for more sound variations.

Just wanted to pop by and say that a through-hole buzzer should do the job!

It’s super loud if you buy the correct one :smiley:

Thanks Kenneth,
this is good to know. One of next versions could feature a buzzer! I do prefer a quite notification though!
By the way, I am now selling the fully assembled device here:

I assemble it in Italy and for the moment I deliver in Italy only, but if anyone is interested, we may work out a shipment in Europe at least…
I hope someone will be curious enough to order one and install it (beside the TV, on the bedside table, in the kitchen, on the desk…). So many places where it could fit well!
Have fun!


By the way, this hack is now a crowd-funding campaign!


Check it out :smiley:

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