Downloading large data over SSL secure (https) client

Problem description

The task is simple: I need to download a file to an SD card connected to my particle B402, this is simple and achievable with the TCP Client object, providing an easy solution with the use of a Stream object, however, the TCP client is not secure.

I need a file downloading solution for a b402 gen 3 that meets all of the following criteria:

  • Secure(https) connection
  • Relatively fast download times(we are talking very relative, I would like to be able to achieve speeds of ~10kB/second but speed is something that I am willing to sacrifice
  • Uses a Stream object for ease of downloading to the SD card, but mostly for the reliability of the Stream class

Solutions that I have already tried/am not satisfied with

I have tried a few things, I have had success downloading files with both of these methods, however method 1 is not secure, and method 2 is very cumbersome, and very slow.

  1. Using the TCPClient class
  2. Encoding data over base64 and using a particle command to send the data as a string, decode it, and then save it as bytes


So recapping, the requirements for my problem are:

  • Secure (https) connection
  • Use of the Stream class for transfer of data
  • Reasonable speed, as long as it’s not a crawl
  • Able to be used in closed source project

I am currently using method 2 as outlined in Solutions that I have already tried/am not satisfied with with a fair degree of success, but I will soon have to refactor this code a great deal, and if I must refactor again it would be much simpler to operate with a Stream object.

It would be cool to see a particle firmware class that is Particle.SecureTCP that can take an SSL certificate as a parameter, or use the existing SSl infrastructure that already exists within the particle cloud system, forgive me if this is obviously impossible, I have brushed over the firmware on github but never in depth with the connections

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