Door open counter and time of days open

I am using particle proton with magnetic switch. I want to know when doors are open and with in each hours how many times door are open. I also like to get a counter doors open per day ie; customers per day and when is the peak time. I found some example codes but not complete and still not working. I found one here but the examples not complete and I could not to get it to work. Please help to get start my project.

You could use the magnetic switch rather than a motion sensor to log all the activity to the cloud and then build a dashboard to visualize your data.

Here is a setup guide for your Photon and Losant if you’re interested in taking that path.

I like to use door sensor since the store has door close all the time unless customers walk in. I will check it out you link. I want to see whether it will suite my need by giving me some counter and frequency.

I try use Losant but intermediate disconnect and not stable. Keep have to reboot to reconnect to Losant site. Now I am looking at UbiDots site maybe they are more stable.

It’s been nothing but stable for me.

I would hit up Losant’s form for help before ditching it since you already have things set up there, or maybe just give both platforms a try. There was only so much I could do on the Ubidots new free account before I had to start paying to keep it going. With Losant’s free account I never come close to going over and that was with pushing data every 15 seconds.

I did submit to their forum too. What IDE and board do you use? I have them all. Do you mind share you stable codes with me? I have struggle for several months already.

I mainly use the Particle IDE software for coding.

I use the Photon and Electron.

I just do a Particle.publish with event name I have setup in the Losant Particle Integration. It’s super simple to get data into Losant using the Particle Publish which is always working except when Particle has issues here and there which usually gets resolved quickly.

Are you using the Particle Integration with Losant?

What kind of issues are you having?

I try use ESP8266, ESP-32, WeMos D1, Mini and Proton. I use the sample codes on Losant site for door sensor. You should see my submitted forum on the bottom of the pages. I want to sent you the link but their site seem to be now and not able to reach. I do say I like Losant dashboard. Do you have some examples for door sensor counting and time open? What do you use it for? It only sent data when door are open but the connection is always online with Losant.

I have not tried their door counter example. I only use the Photon successfully via their Particle integration and it works perfectly.

I can’t speak about how reliable the ESP and WeMos equipment is, that may be part of your reliability problem.

Losant should be able to help you with the ESP platforms since they are open to all the other platforms.