Does plugging in the board to USB while connected to LiPo recharge the LiPo?

If I am trying to create a project that powers itself independently but is completely housed, I was planning on connecting my Argon to a LiPo battery. I am hoping that I can just make the only panel-mount port the particle mini USB port so I could recharge through that.

Can anyone confirm or deny if plugging a LiPo-d Argon into USB will recharge the LiPo?

Yes, powering by USB will recharge the Li-Po.

However on the Argon (not Boron) there is a caveat: Since there is no PMIC on the Argon there is no way to disconnect the battery in software. This means your battery will fully discharge (eventually) and will take longer to be usable.

On the Boron, the battery can be disconnected using the BATFET which allows the battery to stay charged. Plugging into external power reconnects the battery. On the Tracker One this is referred to as Shipping Mode.